If you split the word Gaga into two separate words,
you get a Dutch exclamation of encouragement: go – go !
And it’s true in every way: practicing Gaga encourages you to go for it
in all aspects of this movement training.
Deeper, lighter, smoother, faster, more at once, more consciously choosing,
less thinking, more directing, letting go. Exhausting, but Go! Go!

Gaga builds layer by layer and constantly asks you to upload, recharge, and tune in your movement quality
with the input of the moment. Removing somatic and mental blockages, stress, worries – you get it all for free.
The absolute condition for succes demands physical and mental surrender: saying yes and go, go, go.

And so it happened to me that moving and dancing brought back the magic that I started with in the past. My head went out and my body moved unlimited, surprisingly and grandly. That freedom, isn’t that what we’re looking for every day? Cancel the limiting mind. Enter a space of infinite possibilities.

My great thanks to Kana Ote – Natalia Vik and Hugo Marmelada for the Body Move3-daagse in Servivo Portugal last November. But also my thanks to the weekly Saturday morning Gaga classes in the attic of the HJS/Chassé Dance Studio’s in Amsterdam. 

Join ME, Gaga is for everyone.