Selection of performances

Schweigman& | 2009-2020
Performed in the performances Wiek, Tussen, Benen, Spiegel, Zweep

Jakop Ahlbom | 2017
As an understudy of Silke Hundertmark I played in the performance Horror in the performance series Bayonne, St Medard (FR) and Valladolid (SP) and London (UK)

Vloeistof | 2013-2016

Dood op de Boot, dance duet with Yuri Bongers in a rawboat. A location performance played at various festivals both nationally and internationally.

Plan-D | 2009-2010
I played in the reprisal of Panama, a fantastical children’s play with Andreas Denk and Jeroen Kleingunnewiek, tour in theaters in the Netherlands and Germany.

Suzy Blok | 2008
Large-scale location production de Rite fan Wetter with dance and a composition by Hoite Pruiksma in the middle of the Frisian Lake Hofmeer.

Merkx en Dansers | 2008-2009
Children’s play 10+ het pijnparadijs by Wies Merkx, with which we toured to gyms in primary schools in the Netherlands. 

Tragic Trio | 2008-2011
Co-founder, creator, and performer of the collective Tragic Trio. With NetNietNiets, Suitable Case, and Simpelweg, we performed at (street) theater festivals both nationally and internationally.

2011 Hypnagogia | directed by Frank Scheffer choreography Muhannad Rasheed
2011 Nol King Ruter | directed by Noud Heerkens choreography Suzy Blok
2010 VAL | directed by Joris Hoebe Boukje Schweigman