The research project Tu Peux Pleurer arose from curiosity, great wonder, and a desire to understand the secrets behind the fiery and explosive dance form Sabar. A dance form in which pride, self-assurance, and a healthy dose of bluffing are necessary to keep oneself standing amidst the complex rhythms demanded of the dancer by the percussionists. For ten mornings on the beach of Dakar, Senegal, mime artist Ivar Schutte, dancer Luana van Eekeren, and I attempted to master the basics of Sabar and its impossible rhythms.

However, this learning experience turned out to consist of many more facets than just precisely executing the movements on the beat. The journey to Dakar, Senegal, inundated us with cultural insights and experiences that yielded a layered package of research experience and inspiration. Upon returning from Senegal, a week-long research session took place on Dutch soil with a concept that holds clear potential for future work.

Tu Peux Pleurer is therefore ready as a working title for the development of a new performance.
“The stigmatized Dutch person is challenged to get off the therapist’s chair and confront the challenges of life and associated emotions through dance and movement.”