I participated at the Nomadic School 2023 of Little Fun Palace. A gathering- residency- school in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, Italy. For about 12 days and nights I was captured by a stunning view on the Dolomites. Nightrest in tents high up in the mountains. Exceptional stunning food from Italian chef. Presentations, practices, discussions and exchange of thoughts all outside in warm sunlight or cold shades of clouds passing by.

Blindfolded with several tasks on my mind, I strolled the field, bumping in to branches, wood, up going hills. Finding balance in mind and feet, touching grass and surrendering to become one. As the outer landscape slowly infiltrated my inner landscape I wished to stay for weeks longer or till the time the mountains would start to whisper clear thoughts of inspiration. None existing words to be understood in a place of inner silence. A common language of my inner nature with the nature of all that is.

about the nomadic school
“Creating a nomadic community in different environments to embrace the concept of mutability and to underline the importance of a space that do not belong only to us. Each program will be a series of talks, screenings, encounters, tiny performances and so on. All these micro-ecologies will compose a Dialogical-Caravan, a multitude of voices from guests to audience without dogmatic structure that together will link of theater, set design and climate crisis as an aesthetic territory that has political implications without using a political language.”